Volunteer Today

Sound Athletics is always looking for volunteers to assist with our program. We are looking for passionate people to provide direction and encouragement for our athletes. No experience is required; your presence alone can make a difference!

Volunteer Activities

Bowling (Fall) – Help athletes find a bowling ball, shoes, and a lane. Help the athletes determine when it is their turn to bowl and to track their scores.

Powerlifting (Fall 2025)

Basketball (Winter) – Help athletes with dribbling, passing, and shooting drills. Help athletes learning the flow of the game.

Cheerleading (Winter)

Track & Field (Spring) – Help athletes with warm up and stretching. Help athletes with lane positioning. Help athletes transition from track to field events. Help coaching staff record times and distances.

How to Volunteer

  1. Check out our Calendar to see if our practices fit your schedule. Email us with any questions

  2. Complete the Volunteer Registration Form and the WSP Background Request Form. If you are interested in becoming a Unified Peer Partner, then also complete the Unified Partner Release Form

  3. Come to practice and have fun!