Coaching Oppotunities

Sound Athletics is looking for energetic people to coach and train our athletes at practices and competitions. No experience is required; training is provided by Special Olympics Washington.

Coaching Objectives

Bowling (Fall) – Ensure athletes find a lane and enter their names into the scoring system. Teach athletes the rules of the game and make them aware of the foul line. Assist with technique and tips to help them achieve success.

Powerlifting (Fall 2025)

Basketball (Winter) – Moving athletes through an initial skills assessment process. Train athletes in dribbling, passing, and shooting drills. Teach athletes strategies of the game appropriate to their age and ability level.

Cheerleading (Winter)

Track & Field (Spring) – Assess athlete’s ability by recording time and distance. Train athletes proper warm up and stretching techniques. Work athletes through appropriate running/walking drills. Help athletes transition from track to field events. Teach athletes proper form for field events.

How to Become a Certified Coach

  1. Check out our Calendar to see if our practices fit your schedule. Email us with any questions

  2. Complete a SOWA Coaching Registration Form.

Make sure to use the SOWA Good Deed Code when filling out your form (45cri8)